Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's in a Name?

           What's In A Name?
A person's surname is a coat of arms
given to him at birth.
Through generations from father to son
it reveals a man's true worth.
For a person is known throughout his world
by the reputation he has earned.
That name is known as evil or good
according to the deeds he has turned.
Your last name has been given to you
and is one in which to take pride,
for behind that name is a positive creed
that should be your lifetime guide.
Now before you judge too harshly
the mistakes your father made,
please value the lessons he taught you
and learn from the price that he paid.
He learned by default the great value
of earning a college degree,
and he had high expectations of you
from the time you could sit on his knee.
With the utmost respect for knowledge,
his absolute greatest desire
was for his son to go to college
and not be stuck in Life's muck and mire.
Like his father and grandfather before him,
he sacrificed much at great cost
just trying to earn a living,
not realizing how much time he had lost.
And the patriarchs of the family
knew the importance of working hard:
"A job worth doing is worth doing right";
against mediocrity never let down your guard.
You must choose your friends carefully,
both plain folk and those of renown,
knowing that friends are like hot air balloons;
they will help you up or bring you down.
You were bequeathed this noble gift
and all that it represents.
Now upholding the value of your last name
is your inheritance.

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