Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Am an American

I am an American.  I am part of the melting pot that creates the America designed by our forefathers, a merging of peoples from all walks of life who choose to live here.  Like a stained glass window, America is made up of many colors and many shapes; parts of her that sparkle and shine, parts more dark and grim, but all pieces melded together for a better place to live. 
The diversity of people in America is what makes her strong.  From various cultures and races, we learn tolerance.  Despite the history of racism and ethnic fear mongering, the melding of ideas and practices from a rich and diverse population educate us about our ever-shrinking world.  By learning about and from one another, we will accomplish the dreams of our founding fathers.
We celebrate the occupational opportunities in America, which strengthen our work ethic and thus, our economy.  Hard work is praised and rewarded in most occupations.  Those who choose to rely on Welfare or other public assistance their entire lives never truly experience the full measure of what being an American means.  But those of us who toil hard enjoy the benefits and satisfaction that accompany hard work.
Most importantly, Americans enjoy freedoms many others across the globe will never experience.  We live in safe homes that we either rent or own; we drive cars when and where we choose on highways and roads well maintained; we make our own choices regarding religion, education, and families.  This freedom came at a high price and our servicemen and women continue to fight to maintain these freedoms. 
I am proud to be a part of the stain glass beauty that is America.

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